Deal Info:

  • Start: November 09, 2020
  • End: January 01, 2025


New Pet Parents have the option to choose a Primal Pet Supplement item as a part of their New Pet Adoption Bundle. New Dog and Cat Parents can choose between a 

1) 16oz Goat MilK

2)  20oz Bone Broth

2) 16oz Edible Elixir

The Pet Owner's Email Address is required. 

The New Pet Owner has the option to choose (1) Free Item from this Category as a part of their Adoption Bundle. A New Pet Owner can choose between one of the items offered in this program or one of the items offered in another enrolled program belonging to the same category.   

Pet owner must provide the rescue information where pet was adopted from. Only Adoptions from 501c3 Agencies qualify. Adoptions after 11/9/20 qualify.