Answers Pet Food Buy 12, Get 1 FREE

Deal Info:

  • Start: November 23, 2021
  • End: December 31, 2025


Answers Full Loyalty Program - 2 groups of product lines.

Get rewarded with 1 free Answers product after the purchase of 12. The 12 items may include products from 2 separate groupings: the Additional and Rewards formulas, or Detailed and Straight formulas.

In return, the customer will receive one free Answers product equal or of lesser value of the 12 purchased items within the two separate groups. *Please note: Answers Detailed Bulk Products are exempt from all Loyalty Programs.

1. Additional and Rewards: customers may mix and match any 12 items and sizes within these product lines and get the lowest costing SKU free, per the M&M program parameters.

2. Detailed and Straight: purchase of 12 meat items in this category must be of the same size or form (e.g. all patties, all Nibbles, or all same size Cartons) and get one free. We do encourage a rotation of proteins; therefore, customers are welcome to purchase all 5 proteins in the same form within these 2 formula lines, their free product would be the lowest costing protein.