A Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For The Dog in Your Life

There’s no better feeling than waking up early on Christmas morning knowing your dog is going to be opening up that toy they’ve been hinting at all year! As pet parents it’s tough; you spend all year pampering your dog but deep down you really want to make Christmas as special as possible (even if they ate that perfectly cooked Christmas ham you’ve had resting on dining room table) but fret no more! Below we’ve got the gift guide to not only make your dog happy, but your wallet too!

Stocking Stuffers

  • Leashes - a new leash is a good dog stocking stuffer. Dogs are excited about seeing their leash!
  • Collars - You love getting new clothes for Christmas, so why not make sure your dog is equally well dressed for the holidays? Whether Christmas themed or an everyday collar, a new collar is a perfect gift for your pooch! Why not update with a new ID tag as well?
  • Treats - The full Christmas experience isn’t complete without Christmas treats, so why let your dog miss out? From chews and bones to dog-friendly healthy Christmas cookies, treats are always a welcome gift!

For the Outdoorsy Dog

  • Travel dishes - Whether you take your dog on miles long hikes or just to the park, travel dog dishes allow you to provide fresh food and water for your dog at all times.

For the Indoorsy Dog

  • A new blanket - Curling up with a new blanket not only feels nice, but replacing old, ratty dog blankets help keep your dog’s skin and fur in top condition.
  • A couch cover - If your dog (or you) insists on joining you on the couch, a couch cover can prolong the life of your furniture, and keep your clean up to a minimum.

For the Jet-Setting Dog

  • Bandanas - They’re sporty, a statement piece, and add that extra pizazz for any dog on the move!

For the Chewing Dog

  • Ultra-durable chew toys - We’ve all been through the gambit of trying to find any toy that is going to last till the end of the week and Planet Dog Orbee toys are some of the most durable and fun toys. Trust us when we say that the investment is worth it. Fluff & Tuff has an absolutely adorable quality soft toy line that look great and have extra durable fabric to ensure they’re the toughest soft toy made!

DIY Dog Gifts

  • Maybe this Christmas you’re feeling a little DIY and want to really craft something special. Paw Ornaments are an easy DIY that really ignites your inner worker elf and ads a personal element to the Holidays.

For the Senior Dog

  • Bone Broth -In conjunction with the holiday season, nothing quite beats a healthy serving of bone broth. We have delicious and healthy formulas that includes joint-support for your older dog.
  • Senior Pet Toys - Just because your dog has become a little more wise doesn’t mean they still don’t have that energetic spirit. Interactive toys like the Quizl can keep their minds sharp and entertained.

Christmas is a great time for family, and that includes your dog! Get your dog in on the Holiday fun by wrapping up his Christmas presents and putting them under the tree to open with the rest of the family, and remember to take lots of pictures Christmas morning!