Let’s talk about Chews! Dogs love gross stinky things and they love to chew. If you know what a bully stick is, you will understand. Chewing is not just something your dog does because they are bored or hungry. While excessive or destructive chewing can be indicators of physical or emotional issues, the activity is an important health tool that serves to keep your dog’s teeth strong, clean while engaging their brain.

There are, of course, a wide range of chews and bones on the market for all sizes and types of dogs. It is important to know what kind of chewer your dog is so you can make the right decisions based on the pooch’s size, age, and breed.

What to Know About Your Dog’s Chewing Habits

Admit it, you can sit and watch your dog chew on their favorite toy or bone. They just seem to enjoy it so much and it is fascinating to observe. You dog chews for more than just your enjoyment. Chewing is an important part of your dog’s life and is good for both their mental and physical well-being.

Before you run out and get your dog a bone, there are a few things you should know. It is essential to make sure your dog is chewing on a chew or bone that is appropriate for their age, size, and chewing habits. If they are not supplied with an appropriate and healthy chew they enjoy, their health can suffer, and they may wind up going after your most expensive and favorite pair of shoes.

Does your dog go through chews and bones like a tub of popcorn at the movies? Do they chew through whatever they can get their teeth on? Most of the time, pet parents are looking for the longest lasting chew for their money, so they come in seeking something that’s going to last a long time. There is no such thing as an everlasting chew but a hard and long lasting chew is not necessarily the best thing for your dog. There are a variety of chew choices based on your pooch’s chewing habits.


· Antlers are typically one of the strongest and longest lasting chews. They may not be suitable for aggressive chewers, seniors or young puppies. The darker the antler, the older, harder and more mature the antler is. Antlers are available in split or whole antler. The split antlers have marrow inside that dogs often crave. The split antlers are compromised and therefore softer than the non- split antlers. Not all antlers are equal. You want to ensure that your antlers are ethically sourced, farm raised and naturally shed. You would never want to give your dog an antler from a sick animal.
If your dog gets bored with his antler, soak it in a little bone broth!

· Yak Cheese is another long lasting chew that dogs enjoy. It’s made with compressed yak cheese and cows milk. It’s dried for several weeks to create a strong sturdy chew. After chewing for a long time, it starts to soften so dogs can scrape their teeth on the cheese chew. Yak Cheese comes in different sizes. When it gets too small, pop it into the microwave and watch it puff up to create a new puffy cheese snack!

· Beef Cheek rolls are satisfying and sturdy chews that dogs enjoy.They are sourced from grass fed free range beef and come in two sizes. As the dog chews, the beef cheek unrolls and they can take it apart. Unlike rawhide, beef cheeks are digestible so your dog can chew and eat pieces and easily digest them.

· Frozen Raw Bones from Primal Pet Food are perfect to exercise the jaw and mind. They are designed for dogs to clean the marrow out of the inside and meat off the outside. Once it’s clean discard or re-fill and re-freeze! This is a long lasting personal favorite of most dogs!  


· Earth Animal No Hides are safe alternatives to rawhides. They are made with simple ingredients. They are hand-rolled, baked and coated with beef, chicken, venison, pork, peanut butter or salmon. They do not contain any rawhide, chemicals or hormones. They are one of the most desirable and digestible treats available. They come in a variety of sizes for small to large dogs.

· Bully sticks are another safe alternative to rawhides. They provide high protein, are very palatable to dogs, and are very easily digestible. They do not splinter and they come in various shapes and sizes and are great for all size dogs.

· Whimzees are fun chews with a variety of shapes like hedgehogs and alligators. They are a potato-based chew that’s sturdy enough for all size dogs, easily digestible provides effective teeth cleaning for your pooch.


· Duck heads by Vital Essentials make a crunchy and nutritious snack for pups. They are an excellent source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus and help promote chewing.

· Cow Ears are sourced from free range cattle and are high in protein. Unlike rawhide, cow ears are easily digestible and are great for cleaning your pups canines while satisfying their desire for chewing.

· Duck necks are a tasty treat that is full of minerals and help keep teeth clean. They are an ideal size for an inbetween meal snack and also help satisfy the chewing needs of pups.

· Pig Snouts are a good source of hydroxyproline which is an essential in collagen and cartilage that helps support healthy joints. They make a great way to feed in-between meals.  


· Nylon and Synthetic rubber chews may look appealing to humans because they may appear strong and long-lasting. In reality, they can often be too hard for young teeth. If a dog bites off and swallows a large chunk, he could end up with an obstruction and need emergency surgery as they are not digestible.

· Raw Hides are made from indigestible ingredients and contain harmful chemicals that are used to give them the bleach white appearance. In many countries, arsenic, or even formaldehyde is used during the processing. If dogs break off large chunks, they can not digest it and it can lead to an obstruction, serious illness or death. We do not carry any rawhide products.

Chews for Your Puppy

Puppy teeth can often begin to come in just a few weeks into their lives. Most puppies go through an intense teething period as they lose their “baby teeth” and their adult teeth replace them. Your puppy will want to chew anything in sight and their natural curiosity about the world around them can get them into trouble if you are not mindful of their activity.

If your puppy gets their mouth on the wrong toys or items, they will chew on it and that could lead to choking or other safety hazards. As they learn what and how to chew it is important to keep an eye on them until they get the hang of it and you decide which chews are appropriate.

Chew, Chew, Ka-Chew

Your dog loves to chew and you love watching them go at it. Chewing is an important element of your pooch’s development and happiness. Take the time to make sure your dog’s chews are appropriate, safe, and fun, and they will chew their way to a happy and healthy life.